Quality / Commitment to Excellence D&H Engineering, Inc. pledges to make continuous process improvements one of their key business strategies. We have completed both AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 Certification Requirements.

We place the quality of our products and services above everything else, because customer loyalty and satisfaction is our foremost concern. Quality means meeting our customer's needs each and every time, and making sure that our customer takes part in all levels of our operations.

All company employees will also receive quality improvement training and will be involved in meeting our company's quality goals.

Our quality assurance manual is our reference for all procedures and instructions. It is reviewed and updated periodically in order to maintain current methods and techniques.

D&H Engineering, Inc. recognizes that the disciplines of quality, health, safety and environmental management are an integral part of its management function.

Quality Clauses - Specific The following requirements apply when specifically called out on body of Purchase order.

Q01 D&H Engineering or Customer Inspection Prior to shipment, inspection and acceptance of products furnished under this order is required at the Seller's facility by a Quality Assurance Representative of the company that evidence of such inspection and acceptance shall be the application of the Inspector's stamp on the packing slip.

Q02 First Article Inspection AS9102 Concurrent with the first production delivery, Seller shall submit the first article product(s) to the D&H Engineering Inspection Office together with documents and data representing results of the Seller's First Article/AS9102 Inspection/Test, showing actual dimensions or values of each product characteristic and evidence of compliance to applicable drawing notes. The First Article product(s) shall be clearly identified by tagging and other positive method.